Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is it summer yet?

I feel like I can almost smell the salt air of POC.  Well not quite.

Little md ended up testing positive for flu and he had an ear infection.  But all are now done with meds and on the mend.  This week is a three day week.

And I am ever so thankful.

D is having to work lots of overtime.  I am doing me bestest to maintain a semi clean house.  Parts of it are. haha

Did I mention we got parakeets?  No, must have just been on FB.  Speaking of FB.  I just found a website that will print out your FB.  I did it in two hardback books.  One is three years and the other is two.  I am SO very excited to get it.  I also had all of my photo albums added to it.  Hope it comes in soon.

Back to the birds.  After Poppy died a white parakeet landed in our yard.  Unfortunately it only lived a day.  But it was enough time for us to buy a cage and set up AND for the kids to get attached to the idea of a bird.  So what did I suggest?  Hey, let's all go to Petsmart and let each kiddo pick out a bird.

They are pretty.  But loud.  So loud.  All the time.  Unendingly.  Without ceasing.  Gah.  And the feathers.  And birdseeds.  AND poop!

Currently in the market for a little more upscale cage.  One with glass.  Maybe just maybe it will hold in some of the noise.  And feathers.  And birdseed.  AND poop.  haha


I need to get in shape.  And lose about 20 pounds.  But it's really hard to get motivated when I'm so darn tired all the stinking time.  I just thought I was tired until my first child went to school.  Ha.  I had no idea.  And now with two in school.  sigh.  I'm never going to be well rested again.  Just like my life with never be stress free.  What was I talking about again?  Oh yeah.  Need to start working out.  I'm gonna get right on that....

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More of the same

Saturday little m came down with a cold.  Thought she was doing better, but today she her fever is up again to 100.7.  I'm taking her in this afternoon.

Little md has the sniffles too but doesn't seem to have any fever.  So that's good.

Little d still trucking away at school.

Friday I said out loud that the kids were doing so well on their probiotics.  It's like I wanted something to happen.

Counting down the days until summer.  Thankful for a four day weekend coming up.  :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Every single day I feel inadequate.  But this week I've been giving myself high fives.

We started back to school after the break and Little m had a time.  For the first time in my motherhood I had a sobbing begging child pulled from my leg by a teacher (and her aide).  Sigh.  I was sobbing as soon as I left the room as well.  I know it was the right decision of course.  But I wanted to pack her up and take her right back home.  No school?   I am o. k. with that.  No, okay.  I know that's not the smart responsible thing to do, but honestly how do you allow your child to be ripped from you?

Well for starters, the same thing happened to my brother when I was in second grade and he was in kinder.  Judging by how he turned out it did not scar him for life.  I mean he's able to live in his own house with his lovely wife and kids and not once do I see him hanging onto Mom and Dad's legs when they leave. ;)

Second.  I tell myself over and over that I cannot (unless the circumstances are dire) home school the kids.  I am so on the verge of never letting them out of the bubble, that if I did that, they would grow up to be weirdo recluses.  Seriously.  If I let myself keep them home all day with me for the rest of my life I would be perfectly fine, but they would grow up socially malnourished to say the least.  And you know....there will come a time when I want grandkids, right?  So--no home school.

I came home and paced and cried and then the aide called (as she said she would) by 8:30 and let me know that she was fine.

But I knew that the next day would be a repeat.  And it was.  But this time I didn't cry until I got home.  And then I sent an email to the teacher apologizing for the drama and telling her I was open to suggestions.  She very sweetly replied back that Little m was doing fine--it was no problem at all--and that she just loved her momma very much.

So momma put on her thinking cap.  Something for her to think about at school and distract her and surprise her when she got home....

Before Christmas we got this cow elf (as in elf on the shelf).  I won't go into the story here of it's origin, but the kids loved it even tho we did 'fake' scenes and took pictures of the elf for a business facebook page.  As I was packing up the tree and decorations I put the cow elf in the box of ornaments.  Little m was upset.  She wanted to continue to play with it.

What if the cow elf got back out of the box of ornaments (which was OF COURSE still sitting in the living room) and wrote a letter to Little m about how she overheard her distress and wanted to cheer her up and would surprise her on the days she went to school?

Brilliant right?  High five.  And it was pretty successful.

This morning we walked to the classroom.  Ms. G was standing at the open door to greet us.  "Well you're looking better this morning!"  Little m had a death grip on my hand--not leg.  I leaned over.  "Remember what you get to think about today?"  She whimpered a bit and there were tears in her eyes.  The death grip still on my hand.

And then she took a very deep breath, let go of my hand, and walked in the door.  I exchanged a thumbs up with Ms. G.

I was so incredibly proud of her.  I know how very hard that was.  How very brave she was.  And today I could not wipe the grin off of my face on the way back to the car.

Incidentally the cow elf has been named Lela.  And her treasure hunt through the house this afternoon was a smashing success.

High five.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer of '13

So many changes since the last post.  Little d went through a terrible month of illness.  As her pediatrician says "she's had enough vomiting for TWO lifetimes!"  But we took her to a specialist in Houston and she finally got some meds that helped.  She spent May in and out of the hospital.  GI tests and scans.  May is fast becoming my least favorite month of the year.

But once she was on the mend we decided to take a few steps.  There was some mold growing on the AC unit in the attic so we bought a mobile home, set it up on my parents' property in POC and moved in.  Meanwhile we got the AC problem taken care of here.  Now we have a beach hut!

We came back home this week for appointments.  Me to the ENT for an ear problem that will hopefully resolve.  Me with allergy testing: I'm allergic to moldx4, black walnut tree pollen and still CATS.  Will be starting shots in two weeks.  :)  Also we have hair cuts on Friday!

And I've started a new project....I'm taking a photography class.  It is SO interesting.  I am learning about how to do the settings on my camera and what they mean!!  Loving it.

Next week we have Little d's follow up in Houston and also an appt with an ENT for her.  I feel like they are going to suggest allergy testing and we are already on board with that.

I REALLY need to force myself to write every day.  Maybe I should challenge myself to do it.  Yeah that oughta work about as well as me not eating junk food all day long.  ha

Need to do a whole post on POC.  Or how Little md is no longer using his "bah" AKA pacifier.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's been ages....

Life just goes on and on.  And somehow Facebook replaced posting here.  And that other little blog I run just for Close to My Heart stuff.

But recently I've been itching to tell more detailed stuff (that no one ever reads ha ha)--to keep a better record of what's going on.  I don't know how much picture stuff I'll post here.  Now that it requires uploading to photobucket because my blogger space is full.

My reasons are pretty simple.  I don't keep a journal in real life, and eventually, I will love for the kiddos to see all the daily little things that went on in our life.

So I've decided to start writing again.  Life has calmed down since we built a house/moved/started a kid in school/had number three all in one year.  Here's a few updates.

Little d is weeks away from graduating second grade.  She is simply brilliant.  She's reading at a fifth grade level.  Her teacher asked us at the beginning of the year if we wanted her tested for G/T because she thought Little d would enjoy it.  And we agreed.  She tested a bit ago and we just received the letter that she's been accepted to the program.  I am so proud of her.

PS I would rather be sleeping right now...I am so effing tired ALL THE TIME.

Where was I?  Oh yes sleep.  Haha,  no.  Little d.  She is also beautiful.  And absolutely adorable with her cute little reading glasses.  She is going through this phase.  Well I certainly hope it's a phase.  Of treating Little m like crap.  Little m wants nothing more than to follow Little d around as soon as she gets home from school and play/talk/just hang out with her.  Little d wants nothing to do with her.  BUT the kicker is she will fawn all over Little md.  And that's the part that frustrates me. I get if she needs space, but the way she favors one and is completely nice to him and then tells Little m 'no I don't want to play with you just Little md.' is killer.  I am working on correcting the problem.

She is also so tall.  I think she'll be passing me by next year HA.  She loves fashion and art.  Or what she perceives to be fashion and art.  Her favorite color is blue.  AND she still requires someone to sit with her while she goes to sleep.  At eight years old.  Clearly I am a failure at parenting.  ;)

There's so much more to describe her but let's move on to the next little.

Little m is a very energetic 5 year old.  She is beyond ready to be going to school like her big sister.  I hope she still feels that way a week into Kindergarten.  After the health scares of last year and the trip to the immunologist and the new pneumonia vaccine, we finally got the all clear.  Her immune system is perfectly fine.  And this year has been better.  I pray every single day.  In fact usually several times a day for their health and well being.

She is a fireball.  Always hugging and loving.  I know that sounds like two contradictory things, but she manages to fit them both into her tiny fairy body.  She is always dancing or singing or wanting to play doctor or restaurant or with Little md and his toys.  And he's usually more than happy to play with her too.

She is still changing clothes several times a day.  Adding to my ten loads of laundry per week quota.  But it's okay.  The food thing though.  Gosh she survives on the worst diet.  I don't even begin to know how to fix it.  She has a very short list of foods she will eat.  And there are a few others she will eat if the mood hits her, but other than that it's the same thing over and over.  It is one of the things that stresses me most in life.  And that is not an exaggeration.

Little md is my boy.  My little man.  And also proof that every single child is already born with their own personality.  He definitely has moments of terrible two-edness.  But then he is just as sweet as can be on the flip side.  A solid little golden haired boy in desperate need of his first haircut.  He loves all things manly.  Monster trucks. Tractors.  Dinosaurs.  Airplanes.  Tools.  The color blue.  Eating meals.  Sweating.  Being dirty.  And (I recently discovered) pictures of chicks in bikinis on motorcycles.  lol with that one.

And just last week my little baby boy grew up a little more.  He is sleeping in his room on his bed with his Spiderman sheets.  And loves it.

And can I tell you?  That first night?  It really hit me hard that my baby is slowing turning into a kid.  It always does hit me hard the first night they are sleeping on their own.  But this time because he is the last...well I guess I shed a few extra tears.

Stay tuned.  I just my post again before you know it.  hahaha

Friday, September 28, 2012

This Old House

So the other day I went to our old house.  (Which is a misnomer because it is technically only 12 years old.)  Anyway.  We still own the house and my cousin and his wife are renting it from us, they might buy it in a year or so, but they are doing repair work and paint stuff, so even if they decide not to buy, but move somewhere else, we will have an improved property to sell.  Win-win.

Anyway again.  I had a Home Gathering for CTMH there and my cousin in law gave me a tour.  It is beautiful.  Her daughter asked if it was weird coming and seeing it changed and I said no because it looks so different.  It doesn't feel like our house.  I was really happy to see it.

It was also funny because when we moved into it, the first thing we did was paint the master bedroom.  I choose a medium grey to match the bedding set we had.  I know, rookie mistake.  But I did want it dark so my lovely husband could sleep in there when he worked nights.  You know, to keep the room darker during the day.  Well.  I didn't mind the darkness of it, but it never quite matched the bedding and within two years we bought a king size bed and of course no longer used the bedding.  But the new bedding I picked was brown with palm trees.  Really it's not quite as bad as it sounds.

The intent was to paint the walls chocolate brown eventually.

Did I mention in our current house we still need to paint the interior doors?  Yeah, we never got around to changing that bedroom color.

But cool thing is my cousin in law said "yeah and we loved this blue color in the bedroom so we didn't change it..."



Guess that's why I never liked it with the grey and tan bedding....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Politics, Shall We?

Oh my is anyone else terrified of Obama's second term??

I really think this is it.  The end of America's story.  I recently watched that film 2016.  The writer talks about how he used to read about the great empires of the past, their rise and fall.  And it was eerie because I remember reading about them as a student as well.  And thinking, how long can America last?  Well, is this the answer.  Now?

It's spooky.  I see people on FB a lot talking politics.  I see the news media.  I even have family members.  That all think that things are just peachy.  That Obama has made the world a better place.  Gas prices sky high?  Killing of embassy ambassadors?  Unrest all around the globe?  47% of Americans receiving food stamps??  This is better?

Or is this just what things looked like at the end of the 1970s?  Please God I pray that we see a turn around. I pray the media is skewing the poll numbers and that most Americans (at least the 53% that are not on food stamps) are going to vote for Romney.

Meanwhile I sit in the red state of Texas with my fingers crossed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The mother in law post

I've had a bit of a breakthrough.  Within myself.

An epiphany.  Thank you Jesus.

My in-laws recently came into some money.  As in 'up from the ground Texas tea' or however the hillbilly song goes.  And it made her (if this was even possible) more obnoxious.  She made EVERY single conversation about money.  And how much they had and how they were going to 'take care of themselves first and then take care of the grandkids'.  That is a direct quote.  By the way...what does one say to that?  Thank you?  I understand?  No problem?  Have a nice cruise?  I nodded awkwardly.  (shrug)

Then in an amazingly awkward turn of events she gave me a check.  She actually had tears in her eyes and I can say I had no idea what to do.  It's as if she was trying to buy all the horrible things she had ever said or done out of my memory.  I tried to tell her I couldn't accept it, and then I thanked her when she insisted.  Saying it was too much.  Oh my never have I been in such a socially weird position.

So the other day my dad and I were talking about that moment and he thought that she was trying to make things right in her own way.  I thought she was still faking it.  Mostly to impress D.

That's not the epiphany.

So when I finally logged back onto facebook this weekend (head above water) I saw a prayer she re-posted.  It was called The Knots Prayer.  HERE's a link to what it looks like.  It was something she had reposted, but I read it anyway

It was the end that got me.  "especially the thought that I am not good enough"  Epiphany.

I knew that she never got along with her mother.  Never felt like her mother treated her equally--and still doesn't.  But now it just hit me that that is why she is so abrasive and controlling.  She is trying to compensate for a lifetime of not feeling good enough.   It suddenly all makes perfect sense.  I actually cried because I felt so sorry for her.  I've been so blessed to not only be treated like a perfect gift from God by my parents and grandparents, but to also have close friends and a brother I have been able to confide in my whole life.  And now I still have them rooting for me.  Plus I have a husband and three beautiful kids...I got girls and a boy.  She never had a little girl.  I don't know--maybe that has nothing to do with it, but it's like I finally see all the pieces falling into place.

And even if I didn't have those things to lean on, I have a very strong faith in prayer and God.  I don't know what she believes.  I mean I know she believes in God and prayer, but does she really know how to pray or feel God's presence in her heart??

So now that I'll be framing all her crap differently in my head lol maybe my life we'll be a little easier.  Or at least maybe I'll just start praying for her more.  Because to be perfectly honest, she was a little low on my prayer list....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Little d turned eight

and we had to cancel her party.

Sigh.  The good news is that all the kids are healthy!  I however, not so much.

Here I am again holed up in the bedroom.  This time with what I assume was a stomach virus.  I started feeling crappy Thursday evening, and ran 102.8 on Friday.  I thought it would be over quickly, but today is Monday and even though I am able to eat, I still feel yucky sometimes and run fever off and on.

Saturday was supposed to be Little d's Monster High party.  Cancelled of course.  Boo and Hiss.

Little d is just flourishing.  I can't believe that she's doing so well with the start of school.  She now gets dropped off in the drop off lane, I don't walk her to the door of her class.  She isn't sad about missing me.  She loves her teacher and she has one of her two best friends in her class.  The other second grade is right next door with a connecting room, so they interact a lot and she gets to see her other very best friend during the day.  I am just thrilled with it.  I can't believe that she's already eight.

They say time flies and before you know it they will be all grown up, but it's not something you can grasp until it happens to you.  She's just getting so big.  So tall.  Long hair.  Sweet smiles, shy looks.  I want to just stop time...for all of them.  I want to preserve her innocence.  I know that right around the corner is the part where she learns about the birds and the bees.  She'll learn about bad people on the world and corruption and all the junk that will take over her thoughts of fairies and Santa and the latest tunes on Radio Disney.  And I wish I could just stop time now so she stays right here.

Okay I do look forward to the conversations we'll have when she's an adult.  But I'd totally be okay with freezing time right now.

Uhg.  I hate being holed up in the bedroom.  At least I think I'm on the end of this thing.

On another note I think my husband paid me a compliment about how well organized I keep things.  I think.  Something about missing me and not feeling like he could do everything.  I'll pretend it was a well thought out compliment to my domestic awesomeness.

On an even other note.  My mom is the true domestic awesome.  Without her, truly this house would fall apart. And me too.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

End of Summer

Gosh I hate tonight.  Tomorrow I send Little d to second grade.  Granted her teacher this year will be fabulous, and the 'co-teacher' equally awesome, I just hate her being at school.

I hate the schedule, the endless colds that I hope will abate this year.  The nervousness on both our parts.  She does better with this stuff than I do tho.

I love her so much.  I love having conversations with her.  I know things will be quiet during the school day.  Well--not that quiet.

There's this guy....

He surely keeps me on my toes.  We recently went to POC for a few days.  The only trip this summer--such a waste, but it is what it is.  They LOVED the beach.  And so did I.  This girl 'surfed' on a sandbar...

She keeps me in stitches!  She had a blast of course.  And here's my beautiful second grader...

Three precious jewels.

I can't forget my dad.  Since D was working nights while we were down there, my dad stepped up to help me out with the kiddos.  And good thing since Little md is quite literally attached to his hip...

Then the next day my dad arranged for us to go fishing.  It was so awesome!  The two littles got cranky and my mom took them home early, but dad, Little d and I stayed for a little bit longer...

Here's Little md's first fish.

Little d's first fish.

And Little m with her first catch.

He wanted to hold the fish so bad.  But they have spines on their fins.

Couldn't be happier with her skipjack.

 Braving a touch...

Just gimme the fish!

 She kept fishing and fishing

My little always posing for the camera girl....

Gosh I love getting away to POC.  I wish the mosquitoes hadn't feasted on Little m so much.  I wish summer still had a few more weeks!  I wish I wish.

In other news.  The baby calf we adopted and are bottle feeding is doing amazing!  She is such a cutie...

I really need to add some posts to this blog.  I've been so busy with cleaning and doing CTMH stuff that I don't sit down to write.

I want to post about the calf, my mother in law, politics, each child's personality, just life.  Maybe this week I'll get around to it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Still Kicking

Well I survived convention.  Check out my other blog for the info on that.

I'm not linking it on purpose.

Life is finding a little bit of a rhythm.  I have started this chore chart.  Here's what it looks like:

Dishes & Exercise
Spot Sweep & Kitchen Table
De-Clutter & Give Baths
Clean and Wipe Down Countertops
Take Out Trash

Kids and Guest Bathrooms

Tuesday (swing day each thing gets done once a month)
Vacuum Bedrooms/Hallway (week 1)
Dust Blinds & Wipe Windowsills & Dust Bedrooms (week 2)
Re-Organize Pantry/Food Drawers (week 3)
Yard Cleanup & Clean Out Car (week 4)

Clean Out Fridge & Wipe Down Cabinets/Appliances & Vacuum Living Room

Groceries and Errands

Master Bathroom

Laundry & Blog & Scrapbook

Sweep Hard Floors & Dust Living Room

So there was a little method to my madness.  I chose the "everyday" tasks as things I thought needed to be done on a daily basis.  Then I made a list of chores I thought should be done once a week.  I picked which day they got assigned based on how I think it will fit in with the fast approaching school year.  For example, I wanted weekends to be easy and restful so I chose chores I thought were easier (not bathrooms!) and fun stuff like scrapbooking. (I wanted it on the calendar so it was a priority!)  I chose Wednesday to clean out fridge to make room for groceries on Thursday.  I picked Monday to do two bathrooms because it's the one day that we don't have appointments after school (like dance and CCD).  I also put laundry all on one day on the weekend so that I would feel confident that everyone would have clothes to wear all week.

I got the general idea for this organization from something I saw on Pinterest, which oddly, I didn't even pin.  I just immediately started working on the list.

I printed it out and have it displayed in my kitchen on one of those recipe book holders.  I look at it all throughout the day and it really helps me to keep track of things.  Now so far I have not kept the right things to the right day because I'm still playing catch-up.  But I really feel like it makes tons of sense for how I need to keep the house clean.  And of course there are things that throw kinks in it--like errands that need to be done on other days or kids who just won't sleep through the night and cause me to be too darn tired to exercise!!!  

Where was I?

Oh yes, rhythm.  Feels a little peaceful.  And I am super excited about making my CTMH business work.  Might help that I went to Convention, or that I have a fabulous upline, or that I like the products even better this time.  I've decided to set goals this time.  Here's my first one:

Three home gatherings in August.  (I cheated a little because I have two people already interested in having a party.)  But it's up to me to follow through and get things ready.

Okay off to clean...more....

Monday, June 25, 2012


Well.  Because I'm somewhat OCD, my diagnosis--not a professional's, I have locked myself in the bedroom the last week as I ran fever.  Low grade with no other symptoms to speak of.  So bizarre.  I went to the doc on Friday.  She said I have a little fluid in my ears and some drainage with a little rattle in my chest, but no signs of any serious infections.  So she gave me a script for z-pac and told me if things get worse or if I'm still running fever by Sunday to start the meds.  Well by Sunday I was still running fever.  But I delayed and started the meds today.

I am going stir crazy in this bedroom.  Normally I wouldn't be quite so careful to avoid the kids, but with Little m's hives/whatever it is issues, I am being super careful to keep her well.  Tomorrow I take her to the ENT.  Hopefully he'll have some insight and I can relax my paranoia a little.  I am still traumatized over the stint in the hospital.

I started reading a book on my Kindle called the Happiness Project.  Or something.  It's kind of a neat concept.  And she keeps saying these things that hit me over the head like "THAT'S SO ME!"  For example she said that she's not unhappy or depressed, but that she finds herself  'always on the edge of agitation.'  I had a total aha moment (not to quote Oprah).  That's my problem.  I call it stress, but I guess it's always just being aggravated about something or at myself for not having something done.  It kind of drags me down and makes me not as happy as I could be.

So her first chapter talks about being more energetic by getting more sleep (if only), exercise (yeah I was right in the middle of that when fever struck) and--this I can completely relate to--getting more organized.  I have wanted for SO long, since we moved into the new house, to get it organized.  I have never been able to because something like this fever always gets in the way.

I can't even tell you how many times I've told my husband that if the house were clean I would be MUCH easier to get along with.  And you know what??  When the house is clean, my kids get along better.

Back to the stir crazy--I also miss my kids terribly.  I just want to give them a big old hug!  I'm supposed to go the CTMH convention in 16 days.  I really really want to cancel.  I could use that time so much more effectively here.  Like plan my first CTMH party....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Take the time to blog woman!

To pick up where we left off...

Little m and I and Little md all recovered.  But then Little m got ill again with perhaps a stomach thing or perhaps a reaction to coming off of the steroid.  (BTW that steroid caused her to eat all day, have even more temper tantrums and lift the furniture with hand.  okay I made that last one up.)  She was on the steroid because of the hives caused by probably the high levels of mycoplasma pneumoniae in the system.  It's a bacteria that causes pneumonia and can stay in the body for LONG periods of time.

Well May rocked on and by the end of the school year things were starting to look up.  Little m was over the week-long diarrhea.  Little d had her Field day, AR water fun day, awards day! And then we were home freeeeee!  Except the Sunday after school was out Little d came down with a high fever and Little d was coming down with severe hives again.  Ugh.  Two trips to the walk in clinic later, and Little d had acute tonsillitis and Little d had another round of steroids.

The new pediatrician saw her the following Tuesday and thinks that the bacteria is lingering and could continue to flair up causing the hives.  She said she could have tonsilitis also because her throat looked like it could be infected.  (The doc on Sunday had said her tonsils were swollen). So she had to take a round of antibiotics.  We are now waiting until next Tuesday to see a ENT doc to see if her tonsils will need to come out.  She will also need to see the allergist.  Sooooo not how I wanted to spend the summer.

We did have a nice week (almost) of D being off after working a month-long shutdown.  One night we even ate pizza in the pool!!  D and I have been doing a little cleaning, shopping for tile, just hanging with the kids and our fab neighbors (my bro and his wife).  I've even started working out and eating better.  I'm down four pounds, but the best part is I'm feeling healthier.  And like I'm getting stronger.

At least until this morning.  Woke up with a tickle in my throat.  Took some allergy medicine in case it's from the cleaning.  Then locked myself in the bedroom while D spent the day with the kids.  Thought it was getting better, but then I got some chills so I took my temp this afternoon.  Yep.  Between 99 and 100.  L O V E L Y.  I don't even know anymore.

So not how I want to spend the summer....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hop pit tul

That's how Little m says hospital.  And that's where she spent the weekend.

Last Saturday night (a week ago) she acted a little puny.  Didn't want to eat dinner--just very tired.  Sunday she was acting a little off also, so I checked her temp in the afternoon and it was 99.  She had a bit of a cough, so I thought she had a little cold.  Lucky us--she was just about finished with her antibiotics for an ear infection.  She has a low temp and a little cough Monday.  Monday I went shopping and got a new ear thermometer because I just haven't trusted my forehead temp taker.  When I got home and tried it out, it showed she had 101.  During the night it shot up to 103.9 so I sent my mom and dad to the all night  pharmacy to get ibuprofen since obviously the Tylenol was not working.

Tuesday I took her in to our pediatrician.  He did a rapid strep and RSV culture in the office.  They were both negative.  He sent us to the lab for the full strep and flu cultures.  Both of those were negative, so he said it was just a virus that needed to run it's course.  But her fever was still spiking over 103 while I was alternately tylenol and ibuprofen.  She was hardly eating and just sipping on water or occasionally juice.  She also had a rash on her upper arms and legs.  By Friday I was at the end of my rope.

At 815a I called his office back.  I left a message with the nurse and after an hour she hadn't returned my call.  I decided to call my partner in crime's peds office.  They weren't accepting new patients except on a waiting list but I said I wanted a second opinion on a high fever that had been going on for a week.  They said bring her in at 3p.

At 1145a my nurse finally called back.  She got a little snippy when she found out that I had an appointment with another office.  But I've gotten over that guilt trip.

I was so nervous in my decision.  I felt like I burned a bridge with my old doc by just making the other appointment.  What if the new doc didn't take my kids as new patients?  Where would we go?  Then I thought my kid's don't have to have a pediatrician.  My regular doc would be fine.  Since Little md turned two they are all done with their vaccines.  So to have a specialized doc wasn't a must.  I feel confident if my doc needed to consult a pediatrician he would.  He comes from a line of doctors and he has kids of his own.  We really like him and his staff and his PA.

It was also helpful that my husband, mom and dad, two best friends, brother and sis in law all agreed and supported me.

At the new doc's office, we went into the sick kid waiting room (yes separate waiting rooms-bonus).  As I was filling out paperwork one of the receptionists noticed Little m looked like she was running fever and got us immediately into a room.  Within two minutes we were speaking to the doc.  She gave Little m Motrin (her temp was 102.5).  And began the exam.  She decided that her fever was too high for just a virus for that long.  She said we should admit her to the hospital (where she was on call for the weekend) and run tests and get an IV started because she was getting dehydrated.  She said that would help her feel better and fight the infection.  She wanted to start her on two IV antibiotics and if her chest xray came back showing pneumonia, then start her on an oral antibiotic.

At this point I started tearing up because let's face pretty much confirmed my worst fear that my little girl was very sick.  Dr. Maya gave me a hug--'it's going to be okay mama' she said.

We left her office with the admitting orders and went to the hospital to check in.  My daughter was amazing. She let them do the IV and draw blood and followed orders and didn't fight or even cry.  I put her in a diaper in the hospital because with her sleeping so much and feeling so weak I knew there would be accidents.

At this point I can't even begin to describe what it felt like to see her in that tiny hospital gown in the bed with the IV in her little hand.  This was taken with my phone on Sunday.  She was doing so much better, her color was good and she was smiling.  Thank goodness her two Merlia dolls were able to come stay with her in the hospital.

There are moments and pictures of this weekend that are etched in my brain.  Her watching them start her IV.  D carrying her downstairs for her chest x-ray.  Her getting choked up talking to her sister on the phone because she missed her so much.  Her taking one bite of graham cracker and saying 'mom I need a break'  because she just couldn't eat another bite.  Holding her while she gagged over taking her medicine.  And then her saying through her tears "Mom I love you so much.  And this just makes me love you even more."  I still cry when I think of that moment.

And the better moments;  Her singing on Monday so loud that I told her she needed to be quiet so she didn't scare the nurses down the hall.  Her getting visits from my two BFFs and her grandparents and her aunt.  The all day Dora fest that she had Sunday because she was the only non baby patient on the floor and got to choose the in house movie.  The fact that her fever went away and the medicines started working.   Chocolate cake smeared on her face when she finally started eating again.

We got to walk the hall Sunday afternoon because she had been fever free for 24 hours.  She loved looking out the window into the garden.  We saw flowers and birds and a water fountain.  Then we looked out another side and I said 'do you think we can see our house from here?'  She looked down and said 'no, I'm ready to go back to the room.'  I really think she had a bout of true depression while in the hospital.  Even after she felt better, she still was down and not herself.

So what we discovered from the testing was that she had a mild case of pneumonia.  Other lab tests are still pending, but Dr. Maya seems to think there was some other underlying infection.  Her blood work numbers were off initially, but that could all be related to the infection.  Her second set of labs were returning to normal.  We have a followup appointment Friday.

I came down with something in the hospital myself.  And as soon as I got home Monday afternoon and took a shower, I went to the walk in clinic where they were able to give me a steroid shot and antibiotic to treat fever and sore throat.  I won't even get into the stress I am feeling over being around Little m during this.  God willing her meds will keep her from catching this.  I am on quarantine in the bedroom for now.

Through it all I would not have survived without my mom and dad and husband and BFFS and brother and his wife.  They were constant support.

Soon I'll have to update on the dance recital that happened Saturday night.  I just am a little emotionally spent right now.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Updates {Little md turns two}

I'm going to make a long post about what's been going on since I just realized how long it's been since I updated!!

Little md

Just look at that face.  Tell me you wouldn't want to kiss that everyday!

Tomorrow (or today depending on when I finish this) he turns two.  He can even hold up the two fingers to prove it.  He loves all things tractor.  That includes dump trucks, front end loaders, you get the idea.  So even though I thought monsters would be a cute party theme....I knew that he would prefer construction.

I got the idea for this cake on pinterest (of course) but did some editing.  It turned out way better than I thought it would.

I had been fully prepared for this to be Little md's mulligan cake.  As in the year I totally screwed up his birthday cake/party. The year Little d started school was her mulligan cake.  I didn't even make one.  I let my MIL make cupcakes instead--which she iced with cream cheese frosting, after I told her that might upset Little d's stomach.  Ahem.  Little m hasn't had a mulligan yet.  What do you think?  Does this cake pass?  Do I still get a mulligan at some later date for Little md, too?

In case you were wondering what those little patches of colorful dots are...

It's grass with wildflowers of course.

Little md seems to enjoy his cake.

And so did I.  As evidenced here by my husband...the photographer.  Ahem.

You're certainly welcome for that picture.

It was a fun afternoon.  Little md got toys, a pool full of balls and a bubble machine.  Don't forget the remote control monster truck!  Why, what else does that boy do in his spare time you ask?  Practice his planking on the kitchen table...

Ah but lest I forget to mention.  Not only is he a champ at eating his cake he can also blow out the candles all by himself.

Just please don't sing that Happy Birthday song again!

Little d

This girl is amazing.  She's so smart.  And now always reading.  Here's a little picture of her posing before her dance recital pictures.  The recital is in a couple of weeks.  (I'll be the one crying while her two beautiful daughters are dancing on stage.)  This is her jazz costume.  For the broadway theme her dance here is from grease "We Go Together" like rama lama ding dang.  Or however that song goes.  HA.  Anyway-she's the cutest Pink Lady I've ever seen....

Little m

Who is NOT little.  Just ask her.  And in her recital she gets to shout "momma I'm a big girl now!!"  And shout she does.  Not just at dance practice.  She is just generally loud.  I tease that in twenty five years I'll be telling Oprah how we used to tell our world famous opera singing daughter to please stop yelling!!!!  I really do think she's could shatter a glass.  Or a brain.  Mine.

Oh I'm too tired to make this any longer.  :)