Monday, January 31, 2011

Despicable Me!

No, not the Pixar flick. I just realized that the last post I did was on my mom's birthday...and I failed to mention that! So, happy on the internet super-belated birthday mom!!!

In other news: On weigh in Friday I lost one pound. Which sounds dismal, but I was bloated for monthly reasons. So I'm not beating my myself up. In fact, I stuck with the program all week and didn't drown in chocolate and salty chips. Big accomplishment people...BIG.

Little md is cutting his second tooth and Little d has lost her first tooth and has another loose one. Oh the things going on with teeth in this house.

I am the proud (well let's reserve that title until we see how it works) new owner of a Hoover FloorMate. I compared the Bissell and the Shark, looking for something that would vacuum and mop, and ended up getting the Hoover. Just got it today--it's still in the box...we'll see how it works.

I did so much housework this weekend that I earned 5 activity points on WW.

We finally FINALLY have the muddy portion of the driveway poured. The concrete is still green, but hopefully in a couple of days we can drive on it...bliss!

Off to unload the dishwasher! Ooooh while I'm on the subject of hot water. Our hot water heater sucks! We have to 'reset' it periodically at the most inopportune times. And while I'm on that subject I never leave Lowe's happy. Okay. Now I'm done. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Calling

{I've decided to keep up with blogging.....because goodness knows I'm not scrapbooking, and how will my children know stuff that happened when they were so little?!?}

Yesterday I received some bad, if not unexpected, news. My cousin, who is in her forties, is close to the end of her battle with colon cancer. She was diagnosed with it along with breast cancer. She's had surgeries and treatments, but she was told at the time of diagnoses, that she had about two years. The last time I saw her was around Thanksgiving. She was in the area visiting with her mom and had to be checked into the hospital here. I went to see her. I could tell that she was not doing very well at that time, so I've been preparing myself for what is to come. If one can prepare for that.


I had sooo much housework to do this weekend that I almost cancelled going to church with my Dad, but then in the shower I realized that I needed to pray. So I decided to go. I am so glad I did. The priest's homily (sermon) was about being called to serve God. He told a story of how he was called to serve God when he was serving mass as a 7 year old boy in his African village. He said that his father couldn't raise him because he had no money, so he was raised by a Presbyterian man. But that the man allowed him to follow his calling. Anyway it was interesting to me because he said God's call to service comes in different forms. Like some may hear the voice of God or some may just feel led. But then he said some may just feel restless in their current life and not know why. And then it hit me like a lightning bolt. I've felt restless for a while. And mostly I thought of it as aggravation with things like an untidy house, or still not being completely moved out of the other house, or lack of free time to scrapbook or the extra 25 pounds that were not disappearing on their own.

But then I wonder--because I've always felt this need to do something to help people. I mean from the time I was a small child my career choices centered on trying to help others. I didn't want to be a famous singer, I wanted to be a lawyer--so I could get Matagorda Island back for my family. Or I wanted to be a pharmaceutical researcher--so I could find a cure for cancer. Or later I wanted to be a cop--just to help people. I've done tons of volunteer work, from the Adult Literacy Council to Rape Crisis Hotline.

uhg just uhg i've been typing on this post for days

Anyway. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but I'm just saying maybe that's why I feel restless--because I haven't done something for the greater good in a while. Although a good part of me argues that my something is raising three well adjusted kiddos!! So anyway. I don't know where all this is going. I didn't know where it was going days ago when I started this post. As they say it is what it is.

Oh and what the heck with my title?? Gotta close this one. Maybe I'll have something better later.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Weigh In Friday!!

Lost five pounds. I just may survive this weight watchers thing--said the lady who has been on it for one whole week...

In completely unrelated news...Little d is selling Girl Scout cookies and the Lemonades are total bliss! {and 2 points a piece}

Have a great weekend--I'm hoping to get the tree down...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We have an Advanced Reader on our hands!

Probably in response to my last post --you know where I said she was reading a little, on target for Kindergarten--Little d came home last night with a REAL library book. And now she informs me she is in the "AR Club". I don't know if all school do this or if it's a Texas thing, but it's a program where kids read books outside of class and then take tests for comprehension and get points for reading so many. I don't know all the details, but the BIG news is only a handful of Kinders were selected to start the program, and Little d is one of them.

I am so incredibly proud of her!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Where are they now? {And an MLK tribute}

So it's probably been long enough since my last post for that title to make sense.

Little md is cutting his very first tooth. I think it's about time!! He'll be nine months in a week. It's the bottom right and I caught sight of it when D was changing his diaper last night. It's funny because people (okay-my mother in law) will always say that 'ohhhh {he}'s cutting teeth' as soon as they hit that four month old drooling period. Because it seems to me every baby starts drooling at four months, whether they are cutting teeth or not, I look for other signs. Anyway I just told my mom yesterday, I think he may actually be starting to cut a tooth. Ahh behold--he is!

He's also tooling around like nobody's business. He 'walks' along the couch. He can stand and sit on his own, and he loves making a beeline for something he's not supposed to get into. He's eating (baby) fruits and veggies and even likes (baby) ham. He's still drinking an insane amount of formula--taking three bottles during the night. Ehhh-whatareyagonnado? He'll sleep through the night when he sleeps through the night.

Little m. I've said it before, and I'll say it again--that child is hard headed. And yet to be potty trained. But I'll give her this...she knows what she wants. And if it's the pink cup after you already poured the milk into the green cup. Too damn bad for you. And she loves to change clothes. Every so often during the day she will make the proclamation "I need to change". And off she goes to dress herself. She's so tiny too. And she looks just like a little garden fairy when she runs around the house with her summer dress, bare feet and feathery hair framing her pink cheeks and impish smile.

Little d. Ahh. She's so smart. She's reading a little now--on target for kinder. She still is not a fan of school, but she comes home in a good mood and I'll take that! We had the best discussion Friday night at bedtime about race relations.

I should give you a little background. I've made it a point to not identify people as black, white, etc. I mean if I want to point out a black person on TV or something I'll say 'it's the guy in the green shirt' or something. In fact, Little d usually identifies people by their hair color. I remember watching the inauguration and Little d asked if his (Obama's) wife had already walked down the stairs and I told her yes. She said 'oh the black girl'. I said 'what do you mean?' Because I was shocked to hear her identify Mrs. Obama as black. And she said 'you know, mom, the one with the black hair.' Ah yes, that cleared it up.

Another time Little d said, 'wouldn't it be neat if we could color our skin different colors?' I asked her what she meant and she said, 'like pink or brown or something.' 'That would be cool,' I said. 'I only know one brown person,' she said. 'Who's that?' I asked. 'Pawpaw.' She said. I stifled a laugh. Pawpaw is very dark tan because he's worked outside all his life but to her I said, 'oh yeah.'

SO back to Friday night. With her being in school and this being the MLK holiday, they read a book about his life.

She said, "Mom today we read a book about King Luther or something."
"Martin Luther King?" I offered.
"Yes! That's it. Do you know him?"
"I know his story."
"Oh. Did you know he got killed? Not in the bomb, but later. Do you know how he got killed?"
"Someone shot him, right?" I said.
"Yes! He just wanted people to get along. Like the blacks and the whites." She said it like they were sports teams. She continued, "and Mrs. H knew him. Well like she heard about him when she was little. And you know mom it doesn't matter if you are a black or a white, it's about your character."
I was grinning. "Yes."
"I didn't know that there was, like a difference, like a black or a white." She looked a little confused.
"Well a long time ago people used to think if you were different, you weren't as smart or as... good." I tried to clarify.
"Yes and they had to sit in the back of the bus." She remembered more of the story.
"Yes. What does character mean?" I asked.
"It's like how you act."

Well done, Little d, well done.

So know I'm feeling all proud of myself that Little d had absolutely no idea that there would be any reason people would judge other people based on their skin color. Of course now, she thinks Pawpaw is a blackish. (Her words not mine.) I just love the innocence of childhood.

In other news, I started Weight Watchers. I have to get rid of this baby weight. Nine months is long enough!