Monday, November 28, 2011

Gotta go back to school again!!!!

Any fans of Grease out there? That's where I stole the title. I hate most of all the day back to school after a vacation. I miss Little d. I hate getting up early. I don't like anything about it.

Today I should be doing dishes. And grocery shopping. And cyber shopping. I am not doing any of the above. I did make some phone calls this morning. And I worked a CCD thing.

Calls: Paid a far overdue medical bill of $22. I swear we didn't receive the other notices. Also checked on the major Christmas present order (they sent an email that something was wrong, but the order has already been processed so the email was in error). That's 20 minutes I'll never get back.

CCD thing: I am subbing for a class of 4th through 7th graders while the real teacher is out mourning the loss of her husband. For starters I don't know why you would put 4th-7th together in a class. Second they are heathens. In every since of the word. I actually kicked a boy out last class because he would not stop hitting and talking to another boy. Hitting. Girls hitting boys. Boys hitting girls. Boys hitting boys. Boys playing DS. Seriously disgusting behavior. So I wrote up a contract for them to sign this morning. They will sign it or they won't stay in class. If they break the pledge they have to get a parent to sign a note or come sit with them in class whichever I deem appropriate. Uhg. Just disgusting.

Okay I'm going to do a load of dishes. Just disgusting also.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

THE Game!

Well I can say that going to the Dallas game on Thanksgiving was one of the most exciting times ever!! I had an absolute blast!

We left around 1245p on Wednesday and after hitting traffic, didn't arrive at the hotel until almost 7p. That is a loooong time in the car. Fortunately D and I were cracking each other up and having fun the entire time. We superquickly got ready and headed out to eat--we were starving. We drove about two seconds down the road to Saltgrass. If you have never eaten there...oh my goodness. D talked me into ordering a filet mignon. It was too die for. Absolutely the best steak I have ever eaten. And they served it with these super thin onion rings. Ugh. We were so stuffed!!

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel (waffles were great) and then hung around for a while and got ready for the game. We left the hotel at 115p and got to the stadium around 130p. Our parking pass put us about fifty feet from the front door. (I don't know how close, but we were really close.) After a brief pat down, and search, we were in....the...most...awesome.... stadium....ever.

We had amazing seats behind the goal post.

There were scantily clad cheerleaders.

There was fire.

There was a W in the Cowboys column!!

Seriously. Best Time Ever!

Monday, November 21, 2011

A little about the littles (part one)

I haven't talked too much about the daily stuff going on with the kiddos. I think I'll try to take some time to talk about each one in detail. Let's start with little d:

She's in first grade and reading above grade level. Her favorite subject is math. But she loves music also.

She is shy around adults and strangers. Her word for it is nervous. One time she said 'mom, you know how I get nervous around them and talk soft.' I thought that was so cute how she recognized that she talked soft.

She is so beautiful. Except for her snaggle tooth. LOL. I know I am not the only parent that has dealt with that situation. She refuses to pull a tooth and it's just HANGING THERE! You can see the top of the tooth actually hanging off...and it's been that way all week! Seriously. I told her it needs to come out before she goes back to school for sure! Yeah-cause I'm totally in control of that.

She loves to do art projects. Right now she is cutting up magazines for a collage on a poster board. She came to me to ask for the supplies--so it's completely her idea to do it. She still has a great imagination.

She's also a deep thinker. Her questions sometimes give me pause. So far I've not been too stumped, but she hasn't ask about the birds and bees yet. Yikes. That would be a hum dinger.

I enjoy the time we get to spend alone together in the car home from school or to and from CCD. It's these times that she asks me questions and tells me stories. Then and bathtime. Or bedtime. Actually now that I think about it, bedtime is her favorite time to bend my ear. And I usually let her for a while because she can be stingy with her information at other times of the day. I have stopped trying to get anything out of her on the ride home from school about what actually happened at school that day because unless she's in a good mood, she just gets irritated with the peppering of questions.

Fortunately we have similar tastes in music. Katy Perry for instance. I don't let her listen to a few of the songs obviously, but we jam to others. Lemonade Mouth, Selena Gomaz, and a few other Disney productions are in our rotation.

She once got in trouble for talking at school and has been the perfect angel ever since. I had her parent teacher conference the other day and her teacher remarked about how quiet and reserved she is. Then she told a story about how when they were playing a spelling game on the carpet, Little d finished her turn and then did a little dance and was singing 'I did it' or something of that nature. The teacher thought that was just the cutest thing. She got really great remarks and grades--no worries there.

I should close for now to attend to the littlest of the littles who needs a cuddle with mommy--he's leaning over the gate making hugging motions to me....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scrapbooking, Lasik Update and Dallas game

A former workshop attendee invited me to a SU! (that's Stampin Up! for those not in the know). And guess what? I'm going. I am too excited!! Here's how bad it is--I don't even think I have any scrapbooking adhesive on hand. How pathetic is that?!?

It's a card WS and for $20 I can attend. Cool. Here's to hoping I can find the time to post pictures.

What's even better? I'm going with my BFF. We never get to hang out--in fact we hardly get to talk during the school year. She works as a special education aid. And she's super busy during the school year as well.


After my checkup on Friday, my vision is 20/30 and 20/20. Which means I am legal to drive, but I still am not seeing as clearly as I was before the surgery (with glasses of course). I am way better than pre-surgery without glasses. It's due to my eyes being dry (from some of the drops and from the surgery too I guess). It should improve over the next few weeks. At least I certainly hope so. Because not seeing peoples faces across the room is waaaaay annoying.


D is taking me to a real live Dallas Cowboy game on Thanksgiving. I am beyond excited. It's to celebrate our ten year anniversary that's coming up December first. Little d is out of school for the week (I heart this school calendar) so I feel like it's okay if I'm away for a couple of days. We have never taken a vacation since the kiddos were born.

A quick funny. One of the school moms I'm friends with said in all seriousness (when she heard we were going without the kids) "What are y'all gonna do for two days? I guess you could shop..."

I thought to myself, 'Yeah. Two days in a private hotel room? Shop, yeah that's it. First grown up vacation since the kids were born? Shop, um hmm seems like the perfect choice. Celebrating ten years together?, I mean since we'll have no interruptions or no listening for little feet steps?'

Out loud I said "Yeah I don't know." I didn't have the heart to tell her that shopping is not even my second choice...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shall I actually start posting again?

So. I am really missing the old blogging me. I went back the other day and read a couple of old posts. I was so fun then. Or at least it seemed like I was. I threw in a few jokes, there were pictures to add to the stories, there was scrapbooking. Oh yes there was scrapbooking. (PS Blogger? If your listening...scrapbooking is a real word so stop underlining it in red squiggle.) Huh. "squiggle" passed the spell check.

The problem with all that is that it takes serious amounts of time. Editing photos. Re-working paragraphs. Finishing a complete thought.

The upside is that everything important gets captured.

I hate that I am missing so much. I mean if I wrote every day or every other day even I would be cataloging all the cute stories and milestones of the kiddos. All the crazy humorous crap that happens to us as a family.

But if you look at this blog over the last year, it's like we didn't move to a new house, it's like we fell off the planet. We didn' the way. We just got busy. Or rather I got busy.

So I am going to try to step it up. I am challenging myself to write more often. The posts may not be riveting or even worth reading to anyone else. And judging by the feedjit traffic it doesn't really matter, because no one is reading :)

To finish off this post I am going to attempt to give a brief timeline of my week.

Monday: Up at 530 get ready get little d ready get to school by 715 back home take care of kiddos hopefully get to go get groceries leave at 215 to pick up little d back home by 3 stop kids from fighting until bath time at 630 dinner and bed routine until 9 hopefully i get the other two asleep by 1030 so i can crash before 11.

Tuesday: same overall schedule except afterschool take little d to dance from 4 to 530

Wednesday: little m to dance from 4 to 5 then leave to take little d to CCD (where i also help with a class) at 6 and get home around 8

Thursday: try to get cleaning done and laundry and make sure little d has studied for spelling test

Friday: thank the Lord above that the week is over (except for girl scouts, birthday parties, inlaws requirements, church, and any other thing that comes along)

Of course I didn't list the stuff I do to assist with CCD, Girl Scouts, Room Mom, Cookbook Committee...

D was my own personal chauffeur this week as my vision was fuzzy. Around Wednesday (on the way to CCD) he said he couldn't get much done. I said what do you mean. He said I've been driving you all week. I you have a taste of what I do all week...


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lasik for dummies

Okay I don't know why I titled this what I did. Poor google-ers out there.

I finally had Lasik done. On 11-11-11. Little d was off from school and it just worked out perfectly. I have to admit that it is a little freaky to know that a laser is searing flaps of your cornea off and then reshaping your eyes, but I made it through. It helps that my brother, husband and sister in law have all had it done. And my sister in law is the pre-op nurse.

And yes I can now see without my glasses. :)

Now I don't have superhuman eyesight, but I think things can still get better over the next weeks and months. The eyes seem to be healing wonderfully and I am dutifully following my post op orders. Friday I go back for a followup where they will check my vision.

Today I bought my first pair of sunglasses in at least 10 years. That was kinda a big deal for me. D was with me so that made it even more fun. Oh and they are total Dolce and Gabbana knockoffs. I mean I think they $15. But they have fun rhinestones on the sides!

My new obsession by the way....Pinterest. Holy cow. I am on it all day. And because of it (or in some cases in addition to it) I am obsessed with cowboy boots, glitter nail polish, and food that is made cutesy.

I hear screaming. Must go attend to the littles.