Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello New Year

This year has been wonderful so far.  We have processed plenty of deer meat, had pretty lovely weather (except for the cold wind blowing outside right now), had no poked eyes or broken toes (haha).

I think I mentioned some goals.  Most pertaining to organization or finishing things around the house.  I have a couple more. GET IN SHAPE.  Oh.  I guess it was just the one.

I am so blessed in life.  I can hardly believe it.  It's nice to be surrounded by people you love.  And who love you.  Even if some of them are a little demanding and short.  No mom.  I'm not talking about you.  tee hee.

Okay just a little check in so I don't get too out of the habit of blogging.  Off to watch a little more of Water for Elephants...(who knows maybe even finish it) and work on a new crochet project.  (granny ripple found HERE)

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